Integrated Continuous Protein and Conjugation Synthesis Platform

Biologics molecular descriptors characterisation, and predictive analysis for drug development

During the summer Pia Heinonen joined us for her 2 month summer work project as pharmacy student. Apart from preparing a few valuable genetic constructs, she generated some preliminary data regarding protein unfolding for the project. We thank Pia for her hard work! In September Daniela Pellegrino joined the project from Sienna to work on her Read more about Biologics molecular descriptors characterisation, and predictive analysis for drug development[…]

Computational Modeling

Computational modeling plays an increasingly important role in drug discovery (docking, molecular simulations, and systems biology) and to some extent in the development process (pharmacokinetics and toxicity).[1, 2, 3, 4] The approach is now well established as reliable, cost effective, and an important method to reduce test-animals. The manufacturing and production of biologics are costly and Read more about Computational Modeling[…]

The Science

Summary The resources expended in drug research grow exponentially, while the number of new drug molecules approved each year remains constant: the inevitable endpoint of research constrained to a fixed paradigm. A new class of drugs, known as biologicals, should have been precisely the paradigm shift needed to transcend this, as protein based structures modified Read more about The Science[…]

Screening modules

Drug interactions with target cells, metabolizing cells, and other cellular targets can be evaluated in in-vitro assay modules, each fit with unique features to fulfill the needs of the assay. For example, drug-cell kinetic studies can easily be performed without the need of labels by following the interactions with SPR and TG-Raman spectroscopy. IC-PCS screening Read more about Screening modules[…]

Innate immune response: the IN-CAS module

Many drugs interact with our blood, either after injection or uptake via our digestive system. Protein drugs are mostly directly administered via the blood stream, therefore a valid question is: will the drug activate an immune response? Our immune system keeps us safe against the invasion of harmful agents, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and Read more about Innate immune response: the IN-CAS module[…]

Making proteins: the CFPS-C&R module

  Protein based drugs, such as antibodies, are made via the classical dogma: from DNA via RNA to our Protein of Interest (POI). IC-PCS starts from DNA and via a coupled in-vitro transcription and translation step we transcribe DNA to RNA and then translate RNA to our POI. Traditionally living cells are recruited to make Read more about Making proteins: the CFPS-C&R module[…]

Protein synthesis is in need for an upgrade…

These are exiting times for humankind, after the recent revolution of molecular biology current research in synthetic biology aims at developing new control elements and new modules to existing genomes or build up wholly new genomes. DNA ligation via click-chemistry, the expansion of the genetic alphabet, synthetic production of whole genomes, and the use of Read more about Protein synthesis is in need for an upgrade…[…]