Biologics molecular descriptors characterisation, and predictive analysis for drug development

During the summer Pia Heinonen joined us for her 2 month summer work project as pharmacy student. Apart from preparing a few valuable genetic constructs, she generated some preliminary data regarding protein unfolding for the project. We thank Pia for her hard work!

In September Daniela Pellegrino joined the project from Sienna to work on her Master’s thesis titled: Biologics molecular descriptors characterization, and predictive analysis for drug development”. She will first learn how to collect and compile Pia’s data, then investigate protein stability with various techniques which will generate a rich data set on different protein classes, so then she can build towards the end of her project predictive models regarding protein aggregation.

These models will be an essential tool within the IC-PCS platform, since they will be used to evaluate real-time measurements of protein preparation, purification, bioconjugation and formulation.

Her study plan was presented on the 21st of September (click the link to download): Masters thesis.pptx 2

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